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S1X BORN CANDLE unique signature scents in eco-friendly packaging for your home... 

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S1X BORN CANDLES are artisan creations with fine ingredients and unique aromas. We appreciate good ambiance and unmistakable style. Our focus is an eco-conscious approach to candle-making without compromising fashion. All candles are hand-poured and crafted from suburban Toronto, Canada ("the six").

  • Vegan-Certified

    Our candles contain a 100% sustainable premium plant-based soy and coconut wax blend that burns clean, more evenly, and longer than paraffin candles.

  • All Natural & Phthalate-Free

    Our scent formulas include blends of phthalate-free fine fragrances, and all natural essential oils that are sophisticated and rare.

  • Repurpose

    All candles come in beautiful modern and minimalist packaging. Containers can be recycled or reused for plants, storage or as a multi-purpose vessel.

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